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Have you seen my poncho cloak? – ep. 3

Wherein we plunder drapers’ shops, cloakrooms, and the Lost & Found column in search of the poncho cloak and its shoddy brethren.

Argus (Melbourne), 23 June 1855, p. 1, column 6
Or take a look here at what else was lost and found that day

The full poncho range of Benjamin Lazarus & Co., Sydney drapers
Sydney Morning Herald, 12 June 1855, p. 8, column 6
Click here to compare Lazarus’s stock with that of his competitors,
or here to read what his persuasive rival, Mr Marks, had to offer

Argus (Melbourne), 16 July 1855, p. 6, columns 6 & 7
Read click here to follow the fall-out of the cloakroom cock-up at the Patriotic Fund Ball

Or, for a different perspective…

I’ve searched in vain for an image of a contemporary poncho cloak
(an Inverness cape just doesn’t cut it), so you’ll have to make do with this –

Australian Women’s Weekly, 16 June 1971,
‘Knits for Action’ supplement, p. 14

Yeah! That’s how we did things in the ’70s. Well, actually… this is how we did things –

(cut out of an actual newspaper – source forgotten!)


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